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Not So Serious Games:

'Seroius Games' is a serious industry (google it.) Their mission is to teach you through a game. We want to do that too. Games are fun, motivating, enchanting, humourous, scary, even when they touch on a serious topic.

Our first not-so-serious game is called Flash Card Refute. It is a build-your-own 'genius quiz'. OK. Its a set of flash cards. But you can refute the expected answer, which is often callled the "right" answer. And you can share your refutation with your friends, and they can refute you back.

Flash Card Refute is an example of a coding community apprentice app. Originally conceived as a vehicle for one member of our Riversound team to learn Android, and the other to learn back-end programming. It took on a life of its own. Definitely ready for beta testing soon.

Volunteer for this one via email.

Contact us at riversoundsol AT gmail