Learn at Riversound


In 1976 one of our founders walked into the MIT Logo Lab and discovered what it meant to be part of a coding community. Forty years later she has taught many people to code, and to do it well. The approach is to immerse the learner in a coding community in which reading well-written code, asking thoughtful questions, and accepting proactive critique of one's code is essential to becoming fluent in a formal language. We also teach graphic arts, sound production, and writing for the web. All of these skills are essential to building good interactive software.

You can join us at Riversound as a learner. We offer a library of well-organized materials under Impatient Coder. For a tutoring fee we will get you started one-on-one either in person or online. We can also help you start your own study group using our materials or other online resources.

Do you want/need tutoring but can't afford it? In the great tradition of trades-people you can also start as an apprentice working for us as an unpaid intern while you master the skills we have.

Contact us at riversoundsol AT gmail