Interaction Design

Interaction Design:

In our view interaction design is not about creating a nifty user interface. It is about designing an interaction space, that may be 'on' a computer, tablet or mobile device. Itmay be an environment far larger, like a house, an open space, or a school. We ask hard questions about how games can be used to teach, and how writing games can be used to teach.

We did this very seriously in a National Science Foundation project where kids wrote games as part of an interactive online journal. More recently we did this when 50 robots visited the Mt. Hebron Middle School in Montclair, New Jersey. The students had the robots dance, create art, play soccer and tag, and raced down the hall. And we articulated with the Common Core Standards.

We can help you design good apps for interaction for your business, your school or your organization. We can help you monetize them, or distribute them through your organization. We come relatively cheap because our business model does not anticipate that we will be bought out by Facebook or Google. (NB: it would be ok to be bought.) We are not building disruptive technology. We are designing for human to human interaction that supports sustainability, diversity and individual choice.

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