Apprentic at Riversound


Do you want/need tutoring but can't afford it? In the great tradition of trades-people you can also start as an apprentice working for us as an unpaid intern while you master the skills we have.

An apprentice is someone who is learning a trade. Coding is a trade because it is an art, a craft, a mode of communication, and a complex skill. Coding requires practice. At Riversound we give you an opportunity to contribute to an existing project: it might be open source, it might be for profit. You will learn and grow from working in a community that includes serious mentors who themselves learn by teaching. And this isn't just for coding - its for writing, graphic arts, sound and music composition.

As an apprentice you start by helping with small computing tasks as you learn real skills. As an apprentice you have the opportunity to make a real contribution to one of our products. Eventually through a formal commision contract, you may share in the profits of that product. Eventually we may bring you on as a salaried employee. See our Learn page for opportunities to be tutored.

Many of the projects described in It Was Academic started this way. Physically, our shop is in Monclair, New Jersey, but it is also right where you are online. There is a lot we can do online, and in fact this website is a grand experiment to provide better learning resources (see It Was Academic.)

Contact us at riversoundsol AT gmail