Our initial product is 'ChangeOne' a health maintenance mobile app that uses techniques from Positive Psychology to motivate straightforward and lasting habit change. It can also be viewed as a game. Drawing from research based in psychology, addiction research, physical therapy, and diabetes/hypertension management, it allows an individual to focus on sustaining small life style changes. It is a clean, simple example of how our products are designed to empower individuals with solid analytics, maintain their privacy, and provide support in non-intrusive way.

ChangeOne also illustrates how game design can supplement, but not overwhelm a mobile app. We adhere to a philosophy that games are not merely about winning badges for learning what to do, but are immersive worlds that can support real-world personal growth. As part of ChangeOne we have developed a lean and mean 2D physics engine that is already being adapted for multiple uses. Four other projects are in various stages of design and development, ranging from a handmade birthday present, to a twist on Flash Cards, to more elaborate personal time management. Three more concepts are back of the envelope sketches.

Our strengths lie in creativity and technical expertise. We anticipate solid success of our products, with the real possibility of at least one blockbuster. But our business plan is not predicated upon the latter. We are educators and project managers by training, including a PhD in Computer Science who has an international reputation for creating communities of coders. We anticipate licensing our software engines, particularly our integration of tiered analytics, and our minimalist physics engine. We also envision franchising our coding community structure to both commercial concerns and storefront alternative schools. We are well positioned to attract students, developers, and visionaries who want to learn the trade in the expanding market of mobile technologies.

We are looking to raise $1,000,000 to be used to assemble a team to launch ChangeOne in a highly professional manner simultaneously on Android, iPhone, and personal computer (Web.) In addition to a multidisciplinary development team, this will require an experienced marketer and office manager. We anticipate launch will take a year and require $1,000,000.

Please invite us to contact you! We know what the drill is, we want the opportunity to pitch it to you! riversoundsol AT gmail