We started pitching our initial product 'Change One' as a health maintenance mobile app in 2015. Then we got a bit distracted. It was based on the principle that your data is no one's business. Investors weren't interested in the past five years because it intentionally did not collect data on users. Given the intense interest in data privacy in late 2019, its time has come, and we are ramping up our pitch. Rebranded as 'Choices' it uses techniques from Positive Psychology to motivate straightforward and lasting habit change. It can also be viewed as a game. Drawing from research based in psychology, addiction research, physical therapy, and diabetes/hypertension management, it allows an individual to focus on sustaining small life style changes. It is a clean, simple example of how our products are designed to empower individuals with solid analytics, maintain their privacy, and provide support in non-intrusive way.

The app also illustrates how game design can supplement, but not overwhelm a mobile app. We adhere to a philosophy that games are not merely about winning badges for learning what to do, but are immersive worlds that can support real-world personal growth. As part of the app we have developed a lean and mean 2D physics engine that is already being adapted for multiple uses.

Please invite us to contact you! We know what the drill is, we want the opportunity to pitch it to you!

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