The Coding Community at Riversound

Coding Community:

Code Community is a concept developed through an National Science Broading Participation in Computing Grant over a decade ago. A defunct version of the Interactive Journalism Institute for Middle School (IJIMS) Website provides insight into the success of this approach.

The next initiative was the Montclair Code Community, which ran through March 2018. Check out the last website.
Next came Grinnell, where an after school enrichment program at the public library evolved into regular opportunities and a summer program at Grinnell College. (Links to follow!)

And most recently we worked with the Quantum Leap Exhibit Program at Mount Anthony Union High School in Bennington Vermont, which is moving from the High School to a community center in 2020. Ask for permission to join.

What's next? We are starting to build a model for bringing code communities to rural and inner city areas with minimal computing education resources. If you want to help, please contact Ursula Wolz, Founder and CEO at