Riversound Solutions

Our Mission

    RiverSound Solutions, LLC, was founded on the premise that each person is truly an individual, and not a collection of data to be mined. We build computing software resources for learning. We are breaking the mold on how e-learning takes place: putting the user in charge, using subtle analytics that extend traditional artificial intelligence tutoring to combine sophisticated path-finding with truly user-centered interaction techniques. We are starting to use machine learning with principled algorithm accountability. We build on-line and in-person learning environments in which users become creators with rather than merely consumers of technology. We take privacy very seriously with innovative techniques to give people choices on what personal data to protect and to share.

October 2019 update: This mission statement, first posted in 2015, still holds true. We've been busy as curriculum developers, subcontractors to other e-learning companies, and developing expertise in modern machine learning techniques and full stack educational delivery. This site continues to be a work in progress. Check out Code Crafting at RiverSound to learn about one of our major major recent initiatives.

Please check in again soon, or contact Ursula Wolz, Founder and CEO at riversoundsol@gmail.com. Learn morea about her at Linkedin.


Our Commitments

A Coding Community

Are you looking to sharpen your coding skills, but don't have the patience to read a book, take an online class, or guess the keywords to hit the perfect answer? Checkout Impatient Coder to find what you need right now.

Personal Growth

We don't do 'big data', in fact we try to minimize the stream in and out of your device. We don't store your data anywhere else because we are frugal. Our products collect very little if any, personal data and we don't resell what what we do collect. The apps we are developing give you, rather than the machine, the authority to make good decisions.

Bridging The Gap

Do you have a break through idea, but need the time or expertise to make good technical decisions about design, technology choice, privacy, and security? Let us work with and for you. Check out our consulting options.

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