Impatient Coder

The Impatient Coder Project started as an initiative to provide materials and resources to individuals who did not have the patience (time, money) to take an online course, attend a bootcamp, enroll in a formal course either online or in person. Impatient coders want their question answered quickly. It has taken five years to figure out the data structure that can support the complex threads that weave core concepts in computing together. Targetted for June 2020, this online offering will provide just in time coding instruction in Java, Python, Javascript (both client side and server-side) as well as Scratch, App Inventor and Snap!. We will build up this resource beginning in November 2019.

Impatient coder structure was heavily influenced by work RiverSound subcontracted to Querium. Our contribution was to provide more flexible responses to students, and to flesh out both fractions and logarithms.

A significant component of this initiative is Byte-Sized Videos - short, scripted, carefully produced videos that teach a concept and introduce another gently. Specifically designed to allow the viewer to stop and examine code. Check out videos for code crafting and older videos for a variety of things.

Impatient Coding is also about assessing what you know. An obsolete technology we built for Scratch illustrates how complex analytics that don't require machine learning can provide significant insight into what a student knows. The system is obsolete only in implementation: Scratch no longer produces the output files we relied upon and our coding team has gone off to do bigger and better things. We may get back to this. Check out the video.