Analytics at Riversound

Personal Analytics:

What's the difference between time management and personal analytics? Time management is just keeping track. For example, keeping track of your food habits. Analytics is looking at the trends or patterns that emerge in your eating over time. For example you may notice that you buy a double shot mocha latte grande after your team meeting on Thursday afternoons.

Analytics aren't typically available for ordinary people. Scientists, statisticians, investors, banks, mortgage brokers and car dealerships use analytics. Did you know the fashion industry uses them too? Everyone uses them to follow trends and exploit the patterns that emerge. The apps that will appear here help you make better decisions about how your move through life.

The first one is called the '48 hour day.' Its for moms, dads, and teens too.

Please don't email us yet to beta test, this one is months away from roll out unless we get some serious investment (see Invest).

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