Health and Education

Health and Education:

Apps for personal growth is a catch-all for 'health and education.' Our consulting and our products emphasize empowering the end user, not collecting data for aggregations. We design systems, environments, immersive experiences as well as mobile apps. In health care, increasinly your pharmacy has more information about your medications than you do. And they are very willing to keep track of things like refills for you. Our perspective is that you should be in charge of your own health-care data, and be able to make good decisions about what is best for you because you can access and analyze your personal data.

Imagine a school where teachers do not need to take attendance: where kids are automatically tracked when they enter a room and when their eyes go off task. Imagine how efficient this learning space would be because teachers can devote their time to teaching, not book keeping. If you feel the same sense of discomfort from this 'Big Brotherr scenario, then we can help you at the design and decision-making stage. Keeping records of students walking through a door is ok if your data base can manage exceptions to the norm. For example a student who has a broken leg in a cast for six weeks and has to wait for the elevator. Or the youngster who has to stop in the nurse's office for his meds. The data model needs a place for the teacher to say that a child is an exception and here is why without violating the child's privacy in the future. The view through which the teacher enters that information must be ridiculously easy and efficient to use. As for eye tracking? That one we will consult on for free: if the students aren't keeping their eye on the lesson, then maybe there is something wrong with the lesson, not the student?

These are the kinds of consulting we can do: help you articulate sensible, humane, gentle solutions so that the computers serve the humans.

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